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The International Moms Group (IMG) desires to educate, empower, and encourage international mothers on their parenting journey.


IMG provides opportunities for international mothers to learn and discuss parenting topics, maternal-child health issues, early childhood development, healthy relationships, cultures and customs, practice English, build community, support one another, and more.


What We Do

This group provides valuable health and safety information, in addition to community support, social engagement, and fun for international moms in the community. Our meetings consist of guest speakers, cultural presentations, and opportunities to practice English. Professionals from the community are invited to come speak on topics of interest (i.e. nutrition, woman’s health, mental health, parenting, safety, early childhood education, etc.) identified by the moms. The program also fosters cultural awareness and diversity through international presentations. Additionally, fun aspects of the American culture are presented through American holiday parties, baby showers, and field trips.


Weekly Meeting

The International Moms Group follows the Oregon State University academic schedule. Due to COVID, our meeting schedule and format have been adjusted to adopt health and safety precautions. Starting Thursday, October 8, IMG will meet virtually in a large group every 2 weeks from 3:00 PM-4:00 PM, and at varying times through out the week for small groups. The Winter and Spring term meeting formats and schedules are subject to change.

Children's Playroom

During the weekly meetings, the Co-Operative Children’s Playroom Program not only provides respite for the moms, but also engaging activities for the children. The children are provided opportunities to engage in crafts and playtime while the moms meet.


*At this time the Children's Playroom is unavailable. 

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Moms Crossing International Borders

The Moms Crossing International Borders (MCIB) program pairs international moms with American moms who have children of similar age, or mentor moms, for conversation and activities. This program provides opportunities for the moms to not only exchange language, but also culture. Even more, it provides opportunities to promote cultural diversity and awareness among the children.


"It takes a village"

"International Mom Group (IMG) helps me connect with all the moms of different culture and background. It helps me to be a better mom...[T}hey help moms like me to understand more about parenting issues, health for kids and family, learning more about American culture and many more.  Being new to this community without any relatives or family close by can be  very challenging but IMG helps me a lot to connect with all the moms in the group...IMG is a family to me." -Maricel (The Philippines)

"International Moms Group is doing a wonderful job for the community...I was able to network with other mothers, make friends, get to know new people, learn about new cultures. I think this group is really awesome and it is a great way to network, get to know people and settle in Corvallis." -Hanna (Finland)


"The program was the first community for me to meet people and communicate with international moms from all over when I arrived USA. Also it was my first place to improve my English language. In addition I learned to cook many different dishes. Also the group have held many useful lectures. I enjoyed every moment with IMG." -Shahen (Iraq) 

“Whether it is information on local resources or interesting events; parenting and relationship support and guidance; or simply the chance for some much-needed and deserved self-care, the International Moms Group is all this and more to its members…” (Marina, Ukraine)  

"My children are being raised to love all people from the world. I feel like I am learning more about cultures I previously didn’t understand. The more I learn about my new international friends and their cultures the quicker I am recognizing and tearing down negative associations and viewpoints I didn’t even realize I had. With my new perspective I can raise my children with even more compassion and respect for all other people." Lyndsey (USA)

Holding Hands

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